Thursday, December 11, 2008

The beginning!

Here marks the start of the OSU-ECOS-Mayapedal blog.

What is:
1. OSU = The Ohio State University
2. ECOS = Engineering for COmmunity Service (student group at OSU)
3. Mayapedal = Guatemalan intermediate technology organization creating and promoting pedal-powered technology

We are six students (5 engineering undergrads and 1 rural sociology doctoral student) interested in sharing technological know-how with others, specifically social groups that might otherwise not have such access. We are visiting the Mayapedal shop in Guatemala to learn about bicycle-machine design and responsible technological diffusion. The goal is to come back better prepared to tackle the technical challenges in this type of design, and start producing prototypes over the rest of the school year. Perhaps more importantly though, we want to learn from a group who has had success in lending engineering prowess to disadvantaged people. This post come at you about 36 hours from take-off. Read about our trip when we come back, and check out the progress of our bike-machine design over the coming months.